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About Miral Sattar

I am a busy mother of two in NYC (well, we're all home now #stayathome). I love reading to my kids and needed a way to make bedtime an enjoyable experience for my family where everyone could settle own and expand their imagination and Bearily Bear Audio Stories was born.

My kids love listening to Bearily Bear Audio Stories. We used to take the stories to playdates, museums, and to the park. Bearily Bear Audio Stories also help my 4 and 6-year old sleep through the night!

I have been working in media for over 15 years. I have seen firsthand how stories and digital initiatives can impact children and their imaginations. My writing and I have been featured in TIME, BBC, FORTUNE, Consumer Reports, CNN, NY TIMES, among other media publications.

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Rewind to February 2020 (seems so long ago). I was preparing to fundraise for my Bearily Bear Kickstarter project and the Bearily Bear Audio Stories. The money was supposed to help develop, manufacture and distribute a physical bear, Beaily Bear, and expand our Bearily Bear Audio Stories. Then Covid19 happened.

Things have changed so much in the last few weeks, that I've decided to make my library of stories FREE for everyone so that the millions of children who are home now can listen to them.

Listen to our first story, A Smart Princess and a Certain Pea here.

Want to listen to our ENTIRE current library? Just submit your email below and you will get a link to Bearily Bear Audio Stories that you can play anywhere.

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Why did I create Bearily Ever Audio Stories? 
I grew up loving classic fairy tales and when my kids were old enough to appreciate them, they were the first stories I turned to. But reading these tales of passive princesses, damsels in distress and torturous witches made me realize how woefully out of sync they were with modern times. So I decided to rewrite and update them and turn them in audio stories.

Bearily Bear Audio Stories feature diverse and confident characters and a lot less violence. These reimagined childhood classics include A Story of a Smart Princess and a Certain Pea, Gretel and Hansel, A Girl Named Rapunzel and more.

I'm giving away the stories for FREE so that  children around the world can enjoy and learn from the reimagined fairy tales.

In return, all I ask is that that you check on your elderly neighbor to see if they need groceries (but keep your social distance), check in on a friend who might be in need, #stayhome and #socialdistance. Be a responsible citizen.

I'm still writing and working on new stories, but I am taking Patreon donations so I can continue to pay my narrators and illustrators to produce more stories every month.

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Love the stories? Please spread the word and share with other parents and friends :)

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